16 Options for Enterprise Architecture Degrees, University Classes and Courses

Markus Freimuth
6 min readMar 1, 2022

There is a vast amount of learning possibilities in Enterprise Architecture. Options vary greatly, from full degrees, specializations of general master programs, individual courses, classes, or trainings, as well as online business programs. In today´s article, I provide an overview of the different options that exist, what topics they cover, and how much they cost.

Enterprise Architecture Degrees — Master´s Degrees in Enterprise Architecture

I found four interesting full degrees in Enterprise Architecture. Two of them are offered by European universities (UK and Belgium), and two are offered by American universities:

1. Arden University Master´s Degree in Enterprise Architecture

Arden University (UK) offers a Master´s degree in Enterprise Architecture. It is set-up as a part-time master with a duration of at least one year. Tuition fees amount to 10,550 British pound.

2. University of Antwerp Executive Master in Enterprise IT Architecture

University of Antwerp (Belgium) provides an executive Master in Enterprise IT Architecture. It´s tuition fees are 24,000 Euros. The degree focuses on modules on business strategy, leadership, change and data science management with a total of 60 ECTS (equals 1,680 hours of work).

3. Penn State University Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation Degree

Penn State University (US) offers the degree Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation. It requires a total of 33 credits and includes mandatory courses as well as a variety of elective courses. The following classes are mandatory: Enterprise Architecture Foundations I, Enterprise Modelling, Enterprise Information Technology Architecture, Architecting Enterprise Security and Risk Analysis, Managing and Leading People in Organizations, Financial Management, Global Strategic Management, and Strategic Business Architecture, and the research paper or project. In addition, there is a total of 12 electives to choose from the areas of Business Architecture, Project Management, Security Architecture, and Supply Chain. Tuition fees for this degree are 31,350 US dollars.

4. Stevens Institute of Technology Degrees

Stevens Institute of Technology provides a couple of related courses, e.g. Technology Management Master´s Program. However, as most of them seem to target general IT Management, I am not considering them further.

Master Specializations, Courses, and Certificates about Enterprise Architecture

While there is only a small amount of university master´s degrees that solely focus on Enterprise Architecture, there is a much broader choice if you are only interested in a specialization or extended course in that area.

Enterprise Architecture Degree Specializations and Individual Courses

Degree specializations are offered more frequently and are usually offered in addition to a degree in Information Technology, Computer Sciences, Informatics etc. Often, universities offering such degree specializations also provide the possibility to take the required enterprise architecture classes individually. I am going to present 6 options in the following.

5. University of Twente Specialization in Enterprise Architecture & IT Management

University of Twente has a degree specialization called Enterprise Architecture & IT Management. It is a sub-degree of the Master´s degree Business Information Technology. The full Master´s degree has 120 credits (each about 28 hours of work), while the specialization for the Enterprise Architecture & IT Management degree requires you to take at least four out of the following six courses: Smart Industry, E-Strategizing, Electronic Commerce, ICT Management, Implementation of IT in organisations, and Architecture of Information Systems. Tuition fees for this two-years Master´s degree amount to 4,418 Euros for European students and 25,500 Euros for students from other countries.

6. ITU University of Copenhagen Master´s Degree Specialization in Enterprise Architecture

ITU University of Copenhagen (Denmark) has a Master´s degree in Digital Innovation and Management. As part of this degree, there is an elective called Enterprise Architecture. It has 7.5 ECTS (i.e., roughly 210 hours of effort behind) and covers the following topics: The role of EA in digital transformation, information, business, and application perspectives of EA, the role of EA in strategic alignment of business and IT, design and modelling techniques in baseline and target architecture, and governance structures within architecture.

7. University of South Australia Postgraduate Course in Enterprise Architecture

The university of South Australia provides a postgraduate course in Enterprise Architecture. It has a length of 13 weeks with weekly classes of two hours. For Australian, the price is 3,100 Australian dollars, for all other students, it is 3,675 Australian dollars.

8. National University of Singapore Certified Enterprise Architecture Course

The National University of Singapore has a course called Certified Enterprise Architecture Practitioner. It has a duration of 7 days, 8 hours per day, and costs roughly 5,700 Singapore dollars. The course has a strong focus on TOGAF as well as fundamental knowledge around the 4 architecture layers.

9. University of Denver Enterprise Architecture Course

University of Denver provides a four-credits course on Enterprise Architecture. Costs are roughly 3,000 US dollars. The course covers basics of EA, such as reference architectures, architecture patterns, and a comparison of EA and other architecture types, opportunities and drawbacks of different EA frameworks, their practical appliance, as well as recent trends, such as cloud computing, global regulatory compliance, data protection, artificial intelligence, and ICT ecosystems.

10. Ryerson University Advanced Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Management Course

Ryerson University (Canada) — The Chang School of Continuing Education provides a course called Advanced Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Management. It consists of 4 courses, from which three are mandatory: Business process design, enterprise architecture, and information systems security and privacy. In addition, one elective can be chosen from: Supply chain process architecture, data communications network design, cloud computing, and IS project management.

Enterprise Architecture Certificates and Workshops

In contrast to EA degree specializations and individual courses, there are also certificates and workshops available. Generally, they cover less content than full courses, are shorter, cheaper, and are usually available online. The number of providers of such certificates also increases compared to providers of university degrees.

However, the differentiation between courses and certificates is not always clear and it should be rather perceived as a soft differentiation. I am going to present six certificates and workshops in the following.

11. University of Toronto Enterprise Architecture Certificate

University of Toronto — School of Continuing Studies (Canada) offers an Enterprise Architecture certificate. It consists of three classes, which are called Foundations of Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Architecture Development & Governance, and Tools & Applications in Enterprise Architecture. Each course consists of online conference calls of a duration of 90 minutes. In total, the certificate requires you to spend about 30 hours in those online conference calls. After starting the certificate, one has three years to complete it. Each course costs 769 Canadian dollars, therefore the total tuitions amount to 2,307 Canadian dollars.

12. University of Technology Sydney Digital Enterprise Architecture Workshop

The university of Technology Sydney provides a two-days’ workshop called Digital Enterprise Architecture via UTS. The price is 1,500 Canadian dollars. The following content is covered: Digital ecosystem, digital innovation & transformation, digital enterprise architecture, adaptive EA framework core concepts and components, adaptive EA design principles, metamodel, and layers, adaptive EA practice capabilities, pipeline, and services, and digital EA case studies.

13. Penn State University Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Architecture

Penn State University does not only provide a full Enterprise Architecture degree, but also provides a second option: Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Architecture. The degree consists of three classes, each worth 3 credits. Those are Enterprise Architecture Foundations I, Enterprise Modelling, and Enterprise Information Technology Architecture. Tuition fees are 8,550 US dollars.

14. University of California EA Class Digital Transformation

University of California, Berkeley provides an EA class called Digital Transformation. It is online, has a duration of two months, and is provided by the renowned Haas School of Business (ExecEd program). Program modules include Opportunities for Digital Transformation, The Role of Data, The Process of Digital Transformation, Digital Business Models, People and the Organization, Technology and Policy, and Conclusion and Action Plan. Tuition fees are about 2,600 US dollars.

15. Carnegie Mellon University Program Enterprise Architecture and Organisational Design

Carnegie Mellon University provides an Enterprise Architecture and Organizational Design program through its institute for software research. It is called certified Enterprise Architect and consists of three courses, which are: EA Fundamentals, Advanced EA, and EA for Mergers and Acquisitions. The program is designed as a 12-weeks program with online classes. Average required work per week is about 6–8 hours.

16. Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (EAOCE) Trainings and Certifications

Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (EACOE) provides trainings, consulting, and certifications in Enterprise Architecture. The following certifications are offered: Enterprise Architect, Senior Enterprise Architect, Distinguished Enterprise Architect, and Enterprise Architect Fellow. All certificates expire after a few years. Also, they require you to be an actual Enterprise Architect before taking the course for a particular number of years. As written on their website, fees for all certifications and workshops are the same, which are 3,695 US dollars.

There are quite some choices and different offers around the world. Fortunately, many of them are provided via online classes, so that students can freely choose. However, most Enterprise Architects have no such degree. It is by far more common to learn on the job, gather relevant certificates about frameworks and approaches (for instance TOGAF) and to take smaller trainings. In the next post, I am going to talk about those online trainings. There is an even broader choice, but also the quality is quite heterogeneous. Therefore, make sure to read the article on it!